Builds Confidence

You gain a new level of confidence when you work out on a regular basis. Strength training, walking, running, dancing, or swimming may initially seem troublesome, tiring, or hard for some.However, after time the challenges and pain become worth it as you begin to enjoy it while seeing your body change in the process.The boost in confidence not only physical. It’s mental too. You may begin to believe in yourself more and take on more things to challenge yourself.

How To Find Limitless Confidence Through Meditation

Moving Beyond Struggle

These days, I don’t meditate to relax or relieve stress, although those are great reasons to meditate. I practice to cultivate deep joy and confidence in the source of existence.I have been meditating consistently now for nearly twenty years. And in the last ten, it’s become a source of confidence and inspiration. I could never have imagined that when I started. Truth is, I don’t often hear people talk about meditation in the context of developing confidence, but that’s why I practice meditation.And I don’t think it needs to take ten years to get there. In fact, there are three key insights I want to share with you that can help you find confidence through meditation much faster than I ever did.

Letting Go of Everything

Real meditation means letting go of everything, and letting go of everything reveals a depth of self that is infinite and free from the world. Spending time diligently letting everything go while sitting quietly without moving is like soaking in a sea of pure goodness.Imagine it for a moment. Your mind and soul are clear—released from all cares and problems. All your senses are engaged and your awareness is expanding. You are soaring without moving a single muscle and the animating mystery of life infuses every cell of your being.There is perfect silence and stillness there, and an abiding sense of completion and communion.

Beyond a Limited Sense of Self

You see, most of us fail to realize that the peace and freedom we seek is already an inherent part of who we are at the deepest level. If we are to trust the mystics and sages of the East, this freedom is a fundamental part of our nature. But most of us don’t know it through our own experience or understand how to access it.For many of us, it’s a new idea. Our identities are mostly tied to the limited criteria of what we’ve accomplished, where we grew up, who we know, our class, our race, our history, etc. That’s certainly part of the picture, and those are important and valid aspects of who we are as human beings.

Meditation Builds Confidence in Your Limitless Self

Because, when you discover that a dimension of who you are is always already free, infinite, and forever untouched by circumstance, it gives you confidence. You aren’t so easily buffeted by the winds of change. Through practice, part of you becomes rooted in a dimension of self that is forever unchanging and always at peace.That doesn’t mean that having a strong meditation practice always means that you and I are at peace. But, it does give you a reference point outside the storm. You know that whatever is happening, no matter how dramatic, part of you isn’t touched by any of it.

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