Healthy Gut and Organs

The stomach is loaded with bacteria, both good and bad. There should be a balance between the two which occurs when you have more good than bad bacteria. Naturally occurring bacteria assists the boy with digestion and metabolism.

Other good bacteria help make vitamins B and K which also help fight bad bacteria and viruses. When the gut biome is altered, there is local inflammation that has the potential to become systemic if not addressed.

Eating fiber, fermented foods, and getting enough pre- and probiotics all help your colon thrive. This prevents digestive issues or disease.

Life is indeed in the blood. Working out is also helpful in having a healthy gut and organs because it prevents poor circulation. Just 20 minutes of exercise is enough to lower inflammation in the body. The blood flow released throughout the body all ensure you get the nutrients you need from the foods your needs.

Blood also is a means for transportation for sending cells and hormones from one area to another when needed. Exercise helps facilitate the ease in communication as well.

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