Keeps skin, teeth, and eyes healthy

1. Apples

It turns out that old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” is sound advice. Apples can ultimately help lower your cholesterol, combat high blood pressure, and promote healthy teeth all at the same time. They also get extra credit for being delicious and a totally portable and easy snack to eat on the go.

2. Eggs

Eggs aren’t just a tasty way to enjoy breakfast, they’re also jam-packed with nutrients, from protein to vitamins. The vitamins A, E, and B12 found in eggs help keep skin and teeth looking healthy. But there’s more: The omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants in eggs also promote and maintain optimal eye health.

3. Kiwifruit

Scoop up some kiwifruit the next time you’re looking for something sweet to eat, and protect your eyes at the same time. The vitamin C in kiwis combats free radicals and reduces the damage they can do to your eyes. Eating kiwi regularly could even reduce the risk of age-related cataracts while providing a delicious addition to your next fruit salad.

4. Fatty fish

You probably already know about healthy fats like those found in nuts and avocados. But fatty fish also make the list of foods that can improve the health of your skin. Try salmon, trout, mackerel, or anchovies. Eat your favourite fatty fish regularly to get in those valuable servings of quality omega-3 fats to nourish your skin and reduce inflammation.In addition, fish like salmon can also help protect your eyesight. According to Healthy Food Guides, studies show that a high fish intake can lower the progression of advanced AMD, and omega-3 fats can reverse signs of dry eye syndrome.

5. Almonds

Lathering up with expensive shampoos and conditioners may leave your hair feeling fantastic temporarily, but won’t necessarily improve its overall health. Instead, open up your pantry and reach for the almonds. The vitamin E and antioxidants in almonds keep your cells and tissues strong, slow down the ageing process, and could even prevent gray hairs from showing up too early.

6. Yoghurt

Start adding more dairy to your diet to help prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth in their best health. The calcium, casein, and phosphorus in dairy helps protect your tooth enamel by repairing teeth after acid attacks. Eat a delicious cup of plain yoghurt packed with valuable vitamins and minerals followed by an apple for an amazing tooth-friendly snack.

7. Blueberries

Some of the most flavourful foods on earth can also transform the quality of your skin. Serve up a healthy serving or two of blueberries for a snack full of antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals. Blueberries can also help heal radical damage to our skin and keep it looking healthy.

8. Avocado

Avocados aren’t just nourishing and filling—they also contain essential fats and nutrients for your eyes. Avocados—as well as foods like asparagus and walnuts—contain glutathione, which can be an effective anti-cataract agent. And according to reporting from Optometry Australia, avocado is also shown to potentially reduce eye pressure in glaucoma patients.

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